Simple to Use

We have designed both the SHIELDIntelescan scanning application and the SHIELDIntelefile online document management system to be simple and logical to use - which means that both users and your organisation benefit from day one.

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SHIELDIntelefile works on a monthly pay as you go scheme which means that you only pay for what you use. The fees includes everything you need to use the system, including the scanner. This means there is no capital expenditure, no additional infrastructure or extra staff required to run Intelefile.



Access your documents instantly through your own online document database hosted in our data centre, allowing multiple people to access documents from any internet enabled computer - subject to their designated access rights. If you have an existing business system we may be able to integrate it with SHIELDIntelefile giving you the ability to view the images directly from that system too.



With hardcopy documents it can be hard to get the balance right between providing staff sufficient access and maintaining security of your company's information. SHIELDIntelefile allows you to manage who has access to which documents.

You probably keep a backup of your network data, but what would happen to your hardcopy documents if there was a fire or flood? By using Intelefile you also create an offsite disaster recovery backup of your hardcopy documents - greatly decreasing the impact a disaster would have on your business.

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Easy to deploy

We have made SHIELDIntelefile fast and easy to install, with a 7 day rollout target from receiving your order. The user interfaces have been specifically designed to allow you to benefit from the system straight away. And unlike other document management systems, there is no requirement to change existing processes or procedures immediately. You can continue with your existing procedures until you decide they are no longer needed - making it even easier to get started.


Integration Capability

You can integrate SHIELDIntelefile with almost any system that shares common data about your documents stored in Intelefile – which provides you with the ability to view documents straight from your existing business system. Contact us if you want to know about our API or integration options.


Exception Handeling

As part of any outsourced business process it is vital that exceptions are managed quickly and efficiently. SHIELDIntelefile's exception handling functionality allows you to resolve any exceptions identified during the processing online at a time that is convenient for you.


Full text search

Search for document with any indexed keyword


Supports all readable files types

Scan hard paper or any file type including .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .txt, .rtf, .html, .eml etc.


Workflow Module

Have you been in this situation? You need to get a file reviewed by a bunch of people. So, you deliver paper copies or send file attachments in e-mail messages. But then days go by, and you can’t remember who has reviewed and who hasn’t. And, if people have changed or commented on the file, you may not be able to see all of their changes and comments in one place.

There’s a better way to manage this process, by using workflows available on a SHIELDIntelefile site. A workflow is an automated process that helps people review a file. You, the person who needs the file reviewed, start the workflow. Then you just sit back, and people are notified automatically to review the file. If they forget, they’ll be sent another e-mail. And when everyone’s all done, a web page summarizes the workflow and serves as a record of who was involved.

When the workflow is complete, the Workflow Status page summarises the activity for the workflow. You can see each task, its status, and the outcome. You, as the initiator of the workflow, are also given this information in a handy e-mail message when the workflow is complete.

This Workflow Status page is one of the key benefits of using a workflow. Why? Because later, if there is a concern about whether the file was approved or not, people can refer to this page and get their answer.

SHIELDIntelefile workflow module help you connect and work better as a team. You can invite/share other team members to review, approve and comment on documents in real-time and assign tasks.

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Mobile Applications

Access your documents on the go with SHIELDIntelefile mobile apps. View and share your documents on your mobile devices so you are always up-to-date with your flight files.

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