Can I pilot the solution?

Yes, we are happy to set up a pilot version of SHIELDIntelefile at a moderate cost to cover our technical and administrative effort but this would be off-set against your first invoice should you decide to implement the SHIELDIntelefile solution.

Can I see my flight document online?

Yes. All of your documents will be available online structured as flight files and will be searchable by the agreed metadata such as flight number, date and Air waybill (AWB) number within the agreed SLA.

Can I tell if there are missing documents?

We have never lost a document which has been scanned into our system. A quick check between the physical file and the online file will easily verify the completeness of the documents.

Can I email information to my customers?

Emailing documents is a standard feature of SHIELDIntelefile.

Can I trust the accuracy of the data?

Yes. The SHIELDIntelefile online data will correspond exactly with paper we guarantee 99.8% data accuracy as standard.

Can my customers get the information they need at any time?

Yes. SHIELDIntelefile is available over the internet 24/7/365, providing your customer has a valid user login credentials.

Can I alter the information?

No. Documents cannot be altered once they have been added to the SHIELDIntelefile system. This is important for legal purposes and customs compliance.

Can I delete my documents?

No. Documents cannot be deleted once they have been added to the SHIELDIntelefile system. This is important for legal purposes and customs compliance. We do however provide a document retention and deletion policy which is tailored to the customer's needs.

Can I see my customer's usage and visitor statistics?

Yes. We provide these reports as a standard feature. Users can commission additional bespoke reports.

Can I configure "flight files" to go automatically to a particular customer?

Yes. We can set up automatic emails to your chosen customers.

Can I have my workflow set-up to match my business processes?

Yes. This is part of the service and our work flow is very flexible and easy to use.

What workflows can SHIELDIntelefile accommodate?

We can set up any workflow, for example, for billing purposes, invoice approvals, expenses approval or any other usage you require.

Can I download the iShield mobile app for my iPhone and iPad?

Yes. Simply go to the Apple Apps store and Search for iSHIELD and download it for free.

How will iSHIELD work on my iPhone?

Initially you will need to set you all the country SHIELDIntelefile sites that you want to be able to link to or sign up. Once you have received your id and password, simply login in and use the application.  You can select the type of information that you want to view i.e. flight, truck, rail manifest or air waybill tracking and enter the items you are looking for in the search box. If the search reveals too many pages, then simply scroll up or down. Once you have found what you are looking for you can view the file image by touching the PDF icon. Our system is perfect for people who need access to such information on the move. Learn more...

Why implement SHIELDIntelefile?

Because we have over 12 years of air freight/logistics document management experience and many satisfied clients in the UK and throughout Europe & many parts of the world . Because it will save you costs from the start, and provide a value added service to reinforce customer loyalty.

What are the Key Benefits of SHIELDIntelefile?

  • Secure centralised document storage.
  • Complete Document control.
  • Instant document access for approved users.
  • Audit trails and WORM drive technology which improves legislative compliance.
  • Improved business continuity with document disaster recovery.
  • Secure control of document user access.
  • Eliminate off-site document storage costs with business document scanning.
  • Improved business decision making, business intelligence and planning.

What other savings are possible with SHIELDIntelefile?

  • Document search times can be reduced from an average of 25 minutes to less than 15 seconds. Most of the searches can be done online by clients themselves as a self-service function within their agreed security parameters.
  • Photocopying cost have been shown to be reduced by 38% .
  • Incoming inquiries for documentation have been shown to reduced by over 48%.
  • Claims and fines reduced because document are never lost or misplaced. 

How long does a typical SHIELDIntelefile return on investment take?

It depends on your business process, but anything from 6 to 12 months. Within a short period you will be able to dispose of paper copies and free up storage space. You will reduce time in answering telephone calls and documents searches. Fewer people will be needed to handle client issues as clients will be able to access the system in a controlled way to help themselves.

How long does implementation of SHIELDIntelefile take?

Anything from 7 to 14 days. SHIELDIntelefile has near zero impact on your local IT resources. It is easy to deploy.

Can SHIELDIntelefile integrate with third party software systems?

The SHIELDIntelefile document management software can integrate with Cargospot, ABS financial, SAP, MS Dynamics and other major systems. You can integrate Intelefile with almost any system that shares common data about your documents stored in Intelefile - which provides you with the ability to view documents straight from your existing business system.

Is SHIELDIntelefile legally compliant?

SHIELDIntelefile will give you legal compliancy through a number of mechanisms. Documents are held in a way that results in them being classed as legally admissible. In addition, the system includes a comprehensive audit trail of all activities, a security model for both the contents and user privileges, and WORM Drive technology to ensure records are read-only so that they cannot be modified in any way.


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